Vapourblast Service & Supplies

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Established in 1978, Vapourblast Service & Supplies meets industries surface preparation and surface finishing requirements, predominantly within the area of vapour blasting cabinets.

Based in the Town of Bidford On Avon,Warwickshire, we manufacture an industrial vapour blasting cabinet the V93D  for use within many industrial sectors including aerospace,oil and gas,biomedical,motorsport and many more.We sell to multi billion pound companies down to small businesses operating from their home garage.The videos on this site give an idea of the process which have a few names including vapour blasting,wet blasting,aqua blasting and jet blasting.Please see link for more info V93D vapour blasting cabinet details

The V93D Vapour Blasting Cabinet

vapour blasting cabinet

The world's best priced industrial vapour blasting cabinet

£3,980 net

Complete with weir tank for a closed-loop system

Cabinet fully resistant to corrosion and chemicals, 

     guaranteed by a 3 year warranty

1 year full pump warranty

1 year full failure of parts warranty

Demonstration of the V93D

Ducati cover caked in baked oil
Ducati cover clean and shiny
Dirty and grimy exhaust
Exhaust blasted clean
Blackened and worn engine sump
Cleaned engine sump now shiny again
Brass pieces before and after blasting