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V93D Vapour Blasting Cabinet

The V93D Vapour Blasting Cabinet performs the process of vapour blasting, for the purpose of component surface preparation or component surface finishing. Vapour blasting is a dust free process combining an abrasive slurry and compressed air jet that simultaneously cleans and abrades the workpiece. The workpiece finish is determined by the abrasive media used and the compressed air setting.

Benefits of vapour blasting are that it eliminates dust, can be used on explosive or volatile materials, cleans and degreases in one operation, produces a wide range of surface finishes, can be used with a large range of abrasive medias and can also be used for honing and de-burring.

Demonstration of the V93D Wheelblaster

wet blaster

V93D features include:

The cabinet is fully resistant to corrosion and chemicals, guaranteed by a 3 year warranty.

A brand new pump design provides a high blast gun flow rate with a high media concentration for improved blasting performance.

A new polyurethane that has been developed by the world's leading supplier of polyurethane products improves the lifespan of the pump so the machine can be used with the most abrasive medias for long periods and is suited to the most demanding enviroments.

The machine is built from tough 6mm and 9mm polypropylene which greatly reduces noise levels to the operator and surrounding enviroment.

A large right hand side door allows a wide access entry point to load larger workpieces for blasting.

Non-latching foot operated start/stop with safety door cut out.

White abrasive curtains protect the cabinet and improve visibility.

Lightweight blast gun complete with tungsten carbide nozzle and stainless air jet.

External dimensions: 980mm w x 1000mm d x 1700mm h.
Internal dimensions: 930mm w x 680mm d x 860mm h.

Standard 13 amp RCD plug connection 240V. Draws less than 4 amps.Keyed emergency stop.

A minimum of 20 cfm air supply is required for most cleaning or abrading operations.

Three set ups available: Stand-alone / Weir tank / Recirculating weir tank.

CE marked, complete with operating manual.

3 year cabinet warranty, 1 year pump warranty and 1 year full failure of parts warranty.

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